The list of my Ph.D. students (in fact, all my academic genealogy!) can  be found in the Mathematics Genealogy Project. Their dissertations are supposed to be publicly available at the corresponding university library systems.

Currently, I have students enrolled both in the Applied Mathematics and in the Physics Ph.D. Programs at UNICAMP. Although it is very unlikely that I will be able to receive new students in the next years, I will be very happy in helping prospective students to find supervisors in our group. Foreign candidates should consult this webpage. I speak Spanish fluently, so do not be affraid of contacting me in this language. However, take seriously into account that the official and commonly used language in Brazil is the Brazilian variant of Portuguese, and that Spanish and English are neither spoken nor widely understood outside University Campuses. The major Universities in Brazil typically keep some services and programs in English, but not in Spanish. All dissertations done under my supervision must be necessarily written in English or in Portuguese, irrespective of what is stated (or not) in the rules of Graduate Studies at UNICAMP.